Learning Specialists

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Informational Flyer

 Gwen Roberts

MTSS Instructional Specialist

Favorite Things: Sparkling water, Soy Latte, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Almonds and Blueberries, Papermate flair pens

Chelsey Boswell
MTSS Instructional Specialist

Favorite Things: Sweet Tea, Iced Chai, Sweet Tarts, Nut/Grain Breakfast bars, Pens

Sara Birkey
MTSS Instructional Specialist

Favorite Things:Coke, Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Chex Mix, Colored Paper clips

Shannon Logan
Literacy Interventionist

Favorite Things: Flavored water, Sugar free vanilla latte, Snickers, Nuts, mechanical pencils

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Informational Flyer
Informational Flyer- Spanish
Tiffany Shelander

Learning Specialist

Favorite Things: hot or Iced Americano, Reese's,  White Board Markers

Kelly Haacker
Learning Specialist

Favorite Things: Sugar Free Red Bull, Vanilla Latte, Anything Dark Chocolate, Popcorn, Spicy Snacks, Fancy Pens, Fun Post it Notes

Jennifer Magtutu
Social Worker

Favorite Things: Coke, Latte with Milk, Chocolate, Trail Mix, Flair pens, sticky notes

Crystal Raabe
Speach Pathologist

Favorite Things: Ice Tea, Cherry Coke, Mochas or Lattes of any flavor, Snickers, M&Ms, Trail Mix, Colored Pens

Intensive Needs Program Teachers
Jerry Roark
Intensive Needs Program Primary Teacher

Favorite Things: Iced Tea, Black or green tea unsweetened, Atomic Fireballs, Spicy Wasabi peas, A Nice Pen

Megan Eiseman
Intensive Needs Program Intermediate Teacher

Favorite Things: ​Flavored Water, Iced Chai Tea, Twix, Salt and Vinegar Chips, Pens
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