Students and teachers pose at PAWS ceremony   Picture of a paw with description of attributes

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support System (PBIS)

The implementation of PBIS involves explicitly prompting, modeling, practicing, and encouraging positive expected social skills/behaviors across all settings of a school and with all individuals.  We believe that when students are taught to effectively use these social skills for themselves and with others that school climates will become more positive, learning environments will be safer, and student-educator relationships will be more trusting and respectful. 

What we hope students and educators will experience through PBIS:

  • Reductions in major disciplinary infractions, antisocial behavior, and substance abuse.
  • Reductions in aggressive behavior and improvements in emotional regulation.
  • Improvements in academic engagement and achievement.
  • Improvements in perceptions of organizational health and school safety.
  • Reductions in teacher and student reported bullying behavior and victimization.
  • Improvements in perceptions of school climate.
  • Reductions in teacher turnover.
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